Why are Printable PDF copies not free?
Looking at our free patterns but wanting the PDF formatted one? Due to the time and efforts that go into a formatted PDF pattern, we have to charge for those. They are organized and written out in a manner quite different than the free blogged version, which makes knitting your item much faster and a bit more fuss free. I understand that leaving a page up for hours while you knit and scrolling up and down a million times can be - aggravating, so we've opted to offer this version for your making needs. Paid PDFs also allow us to keep our site ad-free, which is another great bonus!

What's a subscription box? 

Our subscription box is a bi-monthly package sent straight to your door! Buy an annual subscription at the beginning of the year , or purchase a month to month, and have a surprise package shipped to you the beginning of every other month. (January, March, May, July, September, November)

Do we get to see what's inside?

Most of the fun is the surprise! There may be a few remaining boxes at the end of each release that you can purchase separately if you decide you really like what's inside during the "unboxing". Those numbers are hit and miss and will be limited. 

When will I be charged for my subscription box?

Month to month subscriptions will be charged the 20th of the month for a shipment on the following1st. In the case of a January shipment, you will be charged on the 20th of December. If you buy in before the 20th, you'll be charged that day for the next shipment, and then the 20th of the month before the following package shipment. IE: If you purchase January 15th, you will receive the March 1 shipment, and won't be charged again until April 20th for the May shipment.