AFC Fiber Exchange Small Business Partnership Info

Thank you for your interest in becoming an AFC Fiber Exchange small business partner!

What's an AFC Fiber Exchange Partner?
Our partners are small businesses who choose to offer coupon codes to our Fiber Exchange participants. Your business will be placed on a web page with other small businesses showing your shop info and discount amount, along with your social media and shop links. 

Who can partner?
Anyone! This is a world wide project and I'm hopeful this will help you grow! If you're a small business or yarn shop that offers yarn/fiber, notions, etc - feel free to apply! Spots are limited to first come first serve.

Discount Info
The AFC Fiber Exchange coupons are preset codes ranging from 10-25% based on your preferences and business needs. These codes will be listed on the Partnership Page so there's no guessing or digging for each coupon code for each individual shop. We will ask that your coupon codes be made live from September 15th - October 20th.

What Does it Cost?
Nothing! This service is FREE of charge. I just need you to fill out a form with your shop info and a logo/photo of what you sell, and I'll do the rest. You'll just need to make sure your coupon codes are live by September 15th.

Ready to get started?
Fill out the from below!

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