How to Knit a Folded Brim That Stays In Place

In today’s tutorial I show you how to knit a 1x1 folded brim that stays in place with a simple fix of a 2 round repeat. No more rolling down the nape or weird uneven brims! Yay! This 2 round repeat creates a soft edge where your brim naturally wants to bend, making a "seat" for the fold of your brim, therefore keeping it in place.
To make this quick fix:
Work in k1, p1 in 1x1 ribbing half way through the total length of your brim. (If going for a 4" / 10 cm brim, work 2" / 5 cm)
work 2 rounds as *sl1wyib, p1 ; repeat from * to end. Note that you will be slipping the knit stitches and purling the purl stitches.
Continue working in 1x1 ribbing for remainder of your total brim length. 
That's it!
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