Quarterly Artisan Box: March 2023

It's without a doubt putting together the artisan boxes is one of my favorite things to do - I could curate gift boxes all day long. Being able to work with and support other creatives fills my cup to the brim, and being the sucker that I am for handmade ceramics, delicious candles, clean beauty supplies, and small business confections - putting 2 and 2 together just takes the cake!

For March I wanted to tip into a little bit of sunshine and the welcoming of Spring. It's been a very long winter here in SE Idaho and while I'm usually not too eager for spring, we haven't seen grass since October and the days that the sun comes out quite literally warms my soul. Is it weird to go outside and bask in the rays when it's still below freezing outside? Asking for a friend.
This box compliments the change of the season, hopefully offering a cheerful note with the bits of sunshine dropped in. 

What's inside:

✧ Eco Sock Set by Autumn and Indigo / @autumnandindigo  

✧ Ceramic Hand-Thrown Mug by Gravesco / @gravesco

✧ 4 oz Candle by Benjamin Soap Co / @benjaminsoapco

✧ Confections by Spark Confectionary / @sparkconfectionary

✧ Tea for Two (x2) by Big Heart Tea Co / @bighearttea
✧ Honey Sticks by Sister Bees LLC / @thesisterbees
Want in on the goods? We have a few overflow items in the shop with June Boxes opening April 1!
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