What to Make with a Single Skein?



It seems the most frequently asked question, especially when it comes around to the subscription boxes, is "What do I make with a single skein?". Well, I'm here to tell you your options are not as limited as they might seem.

While you certainly can't knit a sweater, unless perhaps it's a very small sweater, like an ornament for your Christmas tree or a vest for a tiny dog, there are tons of accessory patterns out there that are perfect for .. one skein. We like to call these projects, One Skein Wonders, and they include everything from fingering weight to super bulky.

My specialty for my free patterns is in fact, one and two skein projects, as I like to keep them minimal, but beyond what I offer is a whole world of amazing options, with texture to boot.

Starting with your head, and working top down, we'll begin with the mention of cozy hats.

Fingering weight: Barley Light by Tincanknits (free) ↓

Sport weight: Kindreth by Alicia Plummer (paid) ↓

Sport weight: Lovely Ribbed Hat by Purl Soho (free) ↓

DK weight: Ryegate Hat by Claire Borchardt (free) ↓

DK weight: Gro Hat by Fiber Tales (paid) ↓

Worsted weight: January Hat by Courtney Kelley (free) ↓

Worsted weight: Michelada by Thea Colman (paid) ↓

Working our way down, we'll stop at the neck. There are single skein shawls, though usually those are fingering weight due to the amount of yardage available, but they do still exist! Most popular is a cowl, essentially a tube that slips over your head to keep the frigid air off your upper chest and neck area.

Fingering Weight: Secret Garden by Comfort Zone Knits (paid) ↓

Fingering weight: Reyna by Noora Backlund (free) ↓

Sport weight: Raw Denim Cowl by Maren Odenthal (paid) ↓

DK weight: Ebb Tide Cowl by Kate Salomon (free) ↓

Worsted weight: Mountain Town Cowl by Elizabeth Doherty (paid) ↓

Moving on to our hands! Given how little yardage is used for mitts, there's a limitless number of choices, so we're just going to name one for each weight of yarn. 

Fingering weight: Comfy Cabled Fingerless Gloves by Leelee Knits (paid) ↓

Sport weight: Islandwood by Cassie Munksgard (paid) ↓

DK weight: Snowdrift Mittens by Wool & Pine (paid) ↓

Worsted weight: Peterswell by Carol Feller (paid) ↓

And while I'm swooning and dreaming up mitts in some perfectly plied farm yarn, I'll introduce you to some wonderful patterns for your feet! 

Fingering weight - let's face it, fingering weight yarn is practically meant for socks, so the options are quite literally, countless.

Woodland Winter Sock Collection by Carlie Perrin (paid) ↓
While I know technically these socks are knit in two colors, there's no rule out there that says you have to knit a contrasting  heel and toe. I never do.

Sport weight: Ironwood Socks by Megan Nodecker (paid) ↓

DK weight: Saturday Socks by Tracie Millar (paid) ↓

DK weight: Eagle Creek Socks by Claire Borchardt (free) ↓

Worsted weight: Autumn Dreamer Socks by Kalurah Hudson (paid) ↓


Just remember the list doesn't end here. Projects are not limited to cold weather wear either. You can add lace to your cowls or lightweight scarves to extend yardage and the season! Create a lacy head wrap with a sport weight yarn. Add it to your home decor with blanket squares to pillow fronts - let your imagination run wild! And you certainly don't have to use the skein as it is, by itself. Pair it with another skein and for double the yardage and twice the colors! Use the one skein as a bit of color work in a larger project like a sweater, or just put it on a shelf and let it tell you what it wants to be. 


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